Young People

We spoke to some targeted young people in East Lothian. They commented that they don’t get the chance to undertake hobbies that they would be interested in doing as there are not available funds for them to do this, or there is a lack of support and encouragement for them to learn something new. The young people that were spoken with described interest in learning new skills which included playing a musical instrument, trying out a new sport, going to the cinema or the theatre, going to a museum, zoo, going to local places of fun that other children get to go to (family parks and the museum of flight), going to ballet class, going to the Seabird Centre and outdoor activities. The young people said that they were really keen to learn new skills but they did not have or were given the opportunity to do so. This made them feel that they were missing out, were not the same as their peers and that it led to bullying as they were different as they missed out on social aspects of a healthy, typical childhood.


We feel that by giving children opportunities to try out new areas of interest this could not only open doors to potential careers, but it will make a huge inmpact on the followng:

Grow in self-esteem | Develop Confidence | Develop interests and new skills