The Local Structure

STRiVE supports the Third Sector to contribute to both the East Lothian Partnership (Community Planning) and the Local Health & Social Care Partnership.

The East Lothian Partnership is a group of organisations across Public, Private and the Third Sector working together to achieve the East Lothian Plan 2017-27 which focuses on reducing local inequalities, tackling poverty, and working to prevent problems- acting quickly when problems start.

The Health and Social Care Partnership: headed by the Integrated Joint Board this partnership aims to ensure health and social care services are joined up whilst considering local and individual needs and available resources.

The local structure of each of these partnerships is outlined below:

East Lothian Partnership Diagram

Health and Social Care Partnership Diagram

East Lothian Partnership Strategic Groups Currently include:

Please note that due to directives, legislation and progression on goals these groups can be subject to change.

For information on these partnerships visit:

East Lothian Partnership | Integration Joint Board

Third Sector contribution into these structures is done through experienced Third Sector Delegates. See the Your Delegates section to find out who represents you where and how to reach them.