Please click the links to find more information on your candidates below, then cast your vote by clicking the green button at the bottom of this page to cast your vote on who you would like to be your delegates at the Community Planning and Health and Social Care meetings listed.

Your delegate will be tasked with sharing the views of the wider third sector with partners and keeping the sector up to date with conversations and decisions that may impact them.

You are asked to select your preferred candidate. The successful candidate will take the delegate role, candidates not elected into positions will be asked to be part of a pool of delegates who will stand in when a delegate is unable to attend a meeting, if there is no delegate available this role will be fulfilled by STRiVE.

There was one position where the candidate stood uncontested, this was for the IJB Strategic Partnership Group, Andrew Tweedy, Carers of East Lothian will therefore fill this role.

Integrated Joint Board:

Children Services Partnership: