Representing the Third Sector

STRiVE supports a delegate representation system within Community Planning, Health and Social Care planning structures and beyond. The delegate system was designed with the Sector following as series of workshops with What Works Scotland which you can read about here. 

Key to the delegate role is that a delegate represents the views of the wider Sector at meetings they attend as opposed to those held solely by themselves or by their organisation.

To stay up to date and contribute to local planning….

  • Read the delegates recent notes, these are very concise and Third Sector specific. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions, these will be fed back to the delegates and used to facilitate further conversations.
  • Attend Third Sector Forums and events to speak to delegates about current issues and ideas for the sector and hear their reports from recent meetings.
  • Look out for delegate drop ins. Delegates at lead partnerships host drop in’s ahead of key meetings. Drop in and speak to them about items on the agenda.
  • Sign up to the representation bulletin to ensure you get updates on live consultations, forums and other opportunities to contribute and influence.


  • Integrated Joint Board | Elaine Johnston (CHANGES Community Health Project)
  • IJB Strategic Group | Andrew Tweeny (Carers of East Lothian)
  • Reference Group – Primary Care | Carol Lumsden (STRiVE Board)
  • Reference Group – Adults with Complex needs, Polly Cooke (Royal Voluntary Service)
  • Reference Group – Mental Health and Addictions, Sara Zielinska (Penumbra)
  • East Lothian Partnership | Jemiel Benison (Haddington Citizens Advice Bureau)
  • Children’s Strategic Partnership | Anna O Reilly (Children First)
  • Getting it Right for Teens | Jim Boyle (Bridges Project)

Are you interested in joining our delegate pool? Please contact:

Third Sector contribution into these structures is done through experienced Third Sector Delegates. See the Your Delegates section to find out who represents you where and how to reach them.