Representation and Participation

There a number of groups and partnerships in East Lothian that support it’s aspirations to be a fair, healthy and sustainable place to live. The Integration Joint Board oversees a  strategic board and thematic groups with the overall aim of improving the wellbeing of people across the county, particularly those who use both health and social care services together. Alongside this the East Lothian Partnership constitutes a number of groups, that are working towards the outcomes identified in the East Lothian Plan. It has the overarching priority of reducing inequalities both with and between our communities.

Recognising the need for Third Sector voice across these forums and in line with local Third Sector consultation on how they wish to be represented, STRiVE facilitate Third Sector Delegates who attend these meetings and connect back with the sector. Delegates provide concise Third Sector specific meeting notes to keep you up to date which can be found by following link to the meeting of interest below. Here you will also find the facility to comment on the notes and relay any emerging issues, helping keep your delegate up to date on the opinions and experiences of the wider Third Sector. Delegates also feedback at STRiVE forums.