Find Opportunities

Welcome to the volunteer search engine for East Lothian. There is over 250 opportunities in East Lothian! See below how to search.

How to Search

  1. Search Type
    There are 3 search types as seen above – Local, Home-based and National. Local opportunities happen a certain postcode(s) in East Lothian, Home-based opportunities are volunteer activities based at home and National Opportunities happen all other Scotland and East Lothian.
  2. Enter a postcode/Town.
    You will need to enter a postcode or town name for any local search results to appear. Only opportunities advertised in East Lothian will be shown.
  3. Adjust the radius
    To view only opportunities close to your area. Try increasing the radius if no results show.
  4. Keyword
    If you are looking to find something specific such as befriending or a particular organisation use the keyword.
  5. Work Type
    Work type allows you to search volunteering you want but what work will be involved.
  6. Cause
    Cause allows you to search volunteering that has a specific cause.

Search Tips

  • Combine keywords, work type and cause to find specific volunteer opportunities
  • If you want to see what there is generally you can leave keywords, work type and cause blank
  • Use the advanced search for a better search to suit your time schedule etc.

Cannot Find Anything
Sometimes you cant find the ideal opportunity you’re looking for. You can either wait and check back again or alternatively you can contact us, let us know what volunteer you are interested in and one of our development workers can get back in contact with you when a suitable opportunity comes up.