Befriending Volunteers

Please volunteer with us! It will be a rewarding and challenging experience where you will be attend bespoke and targeted training. You will have a team with a wealth of experience to support you.  Please be aware we will also require two references and carry out a PVG check.

There are lots of reasons to become a befriender

  • Supporting young people in your community
  • Gaining work and life experience
  • Support your studies

It is important that you are passionate and committed to helping support vulnerable young people. We offer 2 opportunities for volunteer befrienders; One-to-One Befriending & Group Befriending.

Applicants should be 18 or over.

One-to-One befriending

One-to-one befriending takes place out in the community. It is 2-3 hours per week. Where and when you go is decided by you and your match. Outing timings can be flexible when you need them to be.

We can help by providing ideas and inspiration for activities you can both enjoy.

Groups for young people

We operate a befriending group in East Lothian to help vulnerable, socially isolated young people. At the groups young people have fun, socialise and can develop the skills and experiences they need to interact and communicate with others.

The groups last for two hours on the same evening each week and the young people are collected and dropped off by staff and volunteers.

My name is Sally Harris.  I am the #engagebefriending coordinator.
To get in touch, my email address is